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Warhound is a new FPS from the folks at Techland that has players take on the role of a mercenary who takes on missions for fun and profit, running on the fourth rendition of the ChromeEngine.  Recently we had a chance to pick Warhound's production head, Adrian Sikora, about the game, discussing topics such as destructible environments, weapons, and multiplayer mode, among other things.  Thanks for your time, Adrian!


Interview conducted by Jeff Nash

March 13, 2007




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Warhound Developer Interview


warhound-a.jpg (53318 bytes)       warhound-b.jpg (82360 bytes)

Above: Two new exclusive screenshots of Warhound


Armchair Empire (AE): What sorts of environments will the game take place in, and how large will they be?


Adrian Sikora (AS): In Warhound we have an opportunity to visit various nooks and crannies of our globe. From Amazonian jungle, African savannah, tropic Pacific Islands, Europe, to Central and Eastern Asia. An average area designed for one mission has 2.5 square kilometer, but there are also missions with larger maps. It depends on the aim of the mission, scenario, general design and the possible ways that can lead to fulfill the mission. We do not want to build enormous maps on which there will be little interaction. Action, adrenaline and keeping the players in constant suspense is far more important.


AE: To what extent will players be able to interact with the game world (ie. Destructible environments, manipulating objects, etc.)? Will there be vehicles?


AS: The interaction with the environment of the game is very important. To reach the particular destination, players will have to use objects that are located within the game. Players can take, move or throw out almost every object. There are also many effects, such as: explosions, shots or even strong gusts. When shooting from heavier arms, players can smash up cars, make large holes in the walls or even remove smaller premises from the ground.


We are testing some special features in the area of demolishing and interaction, but it is too early to write about them here. Our competition is watching us…




With regard to vehicles, there are various types of them, such as: off-road cars, armoured vehicles, jeeps, quads, tanks and helicopters. What is more, we are planning to introduce boats as well. It is worth mentioning that the vehicles are equipped with different weapons, have distinct outlook, endurance and technical condition. We aim to imitate their characteristics as much 


as possible, but first of all we want to create a game with great playability features, not a simulation. The list of vehicles is not closed yet. Substantial changes may be still introduced as we are doing experiments and tests on the prototypes now.


AE: What are some of the weapons and gadgets that players will be able to use in the game?


AS: At the moment, we are not able to give the exact number of weapons available in the game, as new ones are being constantly added. We want to enclose various types of weapons, so even a layman could find a weapon suitable for him. There will be different kinds of pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, launchers etc. Apart from handy weapons, there will be also stationary weapons and already mentioned vehicles. At the moment there is no possibility to upgrade weapons manually, but most of them is available in various configurations. The situation is similar with the gadgets. There are launching winches, binoculars, noctovisors, camouflage suits, helmets, vests, GPS’s etc. We have a lot of ideas and concepts. Which of them will be implemented in the game depend on playability and general balance of the game.


AE: How topical will the various missions be in relation to current events in the news?


AS: During the game, players will often associate its scenario or goal with the events that they know from TV or newspapers. In spite of that, there is no direct connection between the missions in the game and news from the real world, as it is not our aim. It can be the same country or region in which the mission takes place or some other similarities to the real world. We do not want to imitate all this, but we aim to give players an opportunity to test themselves in particular situations and give them a lot of fun.


AE: Are missions set up so that players are largely cast as the good guy, or will there also be shadier tasks that players can complete?


AS: A mercenary will receive many tasks to fulfill and it is the player who has to decide which one he wants to undertake. Some missions are more important for the scenario and some are rather optional. Players may or may not fulfill them. The more missions you accomplish, the better equipment and weapons you get, the better your reputation in the eyes of mercenaries, the more trainings you can buy or the more money in your pocket, and last but not least… each one gives you the chance to experience a new thrilling adventure! It is worth mentioning, that the missions are not divided into substantial and additional ones and players may choose between them according to their preferences.


AE: How will training work? What sorts of fields can players choose to train in?


AS: When you do not take part in any mission, there is a chance to train your character in three disciplines: mountaineering – this skill allows you to reach normally inaccessible places; shooting – improves your shooting abilities and increase the number of weapons that you can use; engineering – allows you to use more vehicles in the game (for example, to take part in convoy missions, you must have the basic level of this specialty).


AE: What sort of multiplayer modes will be supported in Warhound?


AS: Intensive works on the final multiplayer mode, along with implementation of new concepts and playability tests are in progress. We want to include traditional modes of play, such as: deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag etc., and the maps allowing for 32 players to take part simultaneously in one game. In addition to that, we create our exclusive system of play with the ranking of best online players, the possibility of creating individual characters and selection of skills and equipment – similar as in the single player mode. There are vehicles available in multiplayer mode as well.


AE: Are there plans for a map editor for Warhound?


AS: Almost every game created by Techland has ChromED – the editor that allows the users to create and edit their own levels, add modifications and put into our products other individual innovations. Our level designers use this tool in their work, too. We will enclose the latest version of the editor to the game and make it even more simple to use. Our aim is to provide tool that allows to create new levels and multiplayer maps in easy and intuitive manner.


AE: Warhound will be running on the fourth edition of the ChromeEngine. What advantages does this bring over previous versions of the engine?


AS: The latest fourth edition of Chrome Engine is a full-featured rapid game development system with advanced visual technologies, which incorporates all modern visualization techniques, advanced scripting system and impressive physics. In our previous game “Call of Juarez” we used the third version of the engine. Warhound works already with its following version, which means the game will be even nicer, faster and with the full use of the latest technologies of graphic chipsets. It cooperates with DX10 with Pixel Shader 4.0 for PC, which allow to use all technologically most advanced effects and fully supports Xbox 360. In case of PC’s, we want the final version of the game to work well with GF6600GT cards and newer. The faster, technologically more advanced and modern card, the better graphic outlook of the game.


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