Best Pub Games

Pub games include the games you play in your garage, man cave and favorite watering hole.  Basically any indoor space where you want to have good time.  Pub games are best enjoyed along with your favorite adult beverage and friends & family. Our list is the result of years of competition, and decades of debauchery.


Our team of gaming guys and girls poured over this top 20 Best Pub Games list, and we hope you find a couple games to become new favorites.  Both the image and the Amazon button takes you to our recommended game set for each of our best pub/game room/garage/man cave games.  

#1 Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a staple of house parties across the world, and for one good reason; it's everything you want in a pub game. We really explore the table options in the best Beer Pong Table post, and explore the love/hate for the game here.  While the game is easily played on any table with any cups, for a true Beer Pong tournament, you'll want a proper set up.  An 8' table, plenty of ping pong balls, and twenty of the same cup really amps up the excitement & competitive spirit of the sport. 

#2  Darts

Darts is the penultimate pub game, and only falls to number two on this list because of Beer Pongs meteoric rise to pub game fame.  Darts is the perfect pub game despite the inherit danger involved with sharp metal objects and drunk people.  No game room is complete without  a dartboard. Check out our Best Dart Boards and Darts list for the complete list of best available sets.  

#3  Bar Games Drink Coasters

Bar Games Drink Coasters are ranked this high because were sure you haven't played these before, and they are a wonderful way put away a few pints with friends and strangers alike.  This entry is very specific, as there is currently only one set available, but there are 30 different game coasters.   At only 8 bucks, this pub game is affordable, portable, and a great way to spend the evening. 

#4  Foosball

Foosball is frantic, loud, and fantastic.  This hall of fame pub game can be found in any bar where beers are bought by the can, and the music is always rock and roll.   If there is a sport to be found in this list, Foosball is it; you will break a wonderful sweat as you try and score without being scored upon.  One hand on the goalie, the other trying to Foos your opponent.  Foosball team rivalries are forged on this very table at the Yard and Pub Games headquarters.  

#5  Shut The Box

Shut The Box four player version is a very nice game of luck and bar mathematics.  The goal is to close each number tile before your opponents using dice rolls and some clever number crunching. A turn involves rolling both dice and choosing which corresponding number tiles to shut.  Do you close the 7 tile or the four and the three on a roll of 4 & 3?  This four player set is perfect for a family game night or a beer garden get together. 

#6  Billiards

Billiards is as essential to bars and pubs as the beers they pour.  Should you have the space, a pool table will take the game room or garage man cave to the next level.  We here at yard and pub games love an 8' pool table, and this featured table is perfect.  Many pool halls have these tables, and we're sure you'll enjoy the smooth slate rolls and ball return feature.  

#7  Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the new king of party card games.  This is not a game for your church group or family game night; this is for you and your not easily offended friends.  Players use the inappropriate white cards to complete the blanks in the black cards mad libs style.  The dealer chooses the funniest, craziest, or most vulgar answer and declares a winning entry.  Cards against humanity has dozens of expansion decks, a huge cult following and needs to be in your collection. 

#8  Stein Hoist

Stein Hoist pits man and woman against gravity and only sheer strength and willpower will prevail. The game is simple - grab a stein full of beer and hold it out in your extended arm - elbows locked.  Hold it there longer than everyone else.  Spill any, you're out.  Bend your elbow, you're out.  Best played when players stand against a wall to prevent the lean back maneuver.    

#9  Bimini Ring Swing

Bimini Hook and Ring Swing requires patience, accuracy and just a few square inches of wall space to enjoy. The game is played by swinging a ring towards a fixed hook in an attempt to ring the hook.  That's it.  there are no true rules to the game, just a pleasant way to kill some time with friends or even alone.   Have a look at the top 5 sets here.  Great for a garage space or look for it at your local brew pub.  

#10  Flip Cup

Flip Cup is just downright fun.  Simply fill a desired number of cups with a few sips of beer and place in a line along opposite sides of a table.  Drink the beer, then attemp to flip the cup upside down using the edge of the table as a launching point.  Go down the line and the first team to successfully flip all their cups wins.  This featured item includes 30 cups and 18 ping pong balls.  balls not needed or flip cup. However, I'm sure if you're playing Flip Cup, there's a good chance you're going to need some ping pong balls for Beer Pong later.  

That's damn fine Top Ten games list.  We're only have way through though.  Who knows, one or two of the next ten games may become a new favorite.

#11  Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a time tested classic.  Perfect if you want to get up and move a little bit while having some fun, ping pong is a game that anybody can play and have fun with.  Games are typically played to 21, but it is certainly open to house rules.  An added bonus is the ability to easily add two more players for a fun doubles game.  There's not much more that needs to be said here, you know you like Ping Pong and so do we.

#12 Card Games

Way too many to even begin to choose from, card games make a perfect bar game because it is as portable as it gets and can incorporate just about any number of players.  Ranging from poker games to straight up drinking games, there are an endless supply of options to choose from with a deck of 52.  Check back in with us and we will go into a little more detail on some of our favorites, until then, grab a deck and play yours.

#13  Party Jenga

Jenga is great at getting a group excited.  It is always a ton of fun to see the tower wobble after a player pulls a piece, and rest assured, if you're playing in a pub, the tower will be wobbling quite often.  Players take turns pulling a wooden piece from a tower and placing it back on top of the tower.  The player who knocks down the tower loses.  The base game is a lot of fun, but has often been supplemented by adding drinking game or truth or dare aspects by writing instructions on the pieces.  Original or risky version, Jenga is always a hit.

#14  Bean Boozled

Bean Boozled is for the PG risk takers in the pub game world.  The game includes a mixture of normal and outrageously awful flavored Jelly Bellys.  The game is as simple as it gets: spin the wheel, and eat the Jelly Bean which matches the one you landed on.  The catch, of course, is that the juicy pear and booger flavored beans look identical.  Bean Boozled is great for a group sitting around a table and will certainly result in a lot of laughs.

#15  Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon is the game you see sitting in the corner of a pub collecting dust and don't think anything about it.  Fast forward a few hours and you realize your friend has been missing for an hour and you find him in the corner glued to Shoot the Moon.  It's an incredibly simple game which requires players to move two metal bars in order to send a large ball bearing up an incline.  The further up you can get it, the more points you are rewarded with, provided it does land in one of the holes.  Incredibly simple, insanely difficult to master, and even harder to put down, Shoot the Moon is a great bar game.

#16  Paper Football Field Goals

If you grew up in the USA, there's a pretty large chance you played this game on your desk as at school countless times growing up.  Players take turns sliding or flicking the football across the table.  Once the football stops with some portion hanging over the edge, that is a touchdown.  Players then try to flick the football through the uprights for the extra point.  Often these field goals end up being the most fun aspect of the game so players inevitably take turns kicking them, but regardless, fun is had.  

#17  Dominoes

Dominoes is an all time classic.  There are many variations out there, but the basic game has players matching dominoes from their hand to exposed ends of dominoes on the board.  If the sum of all exposed ends on the board is a multiple of five, that amount of points is scored.  Games traditionally last for 150 points which will take multiple games to reach.  Dominoes is a straightforward game that is fun for anybody.

#18  Superfight

Superfight is a card game which will result in many hilarious arguments among your friends.  Players draw from a couple of decks and put together character and attribute combinations, something like Saber-Toothed Tiger that Breathes Fire, for example.  Two players pick their combination and play them, with a second attribute blindly added from the deck.  They then spend some time arguing to their friend why their combination would totally destroy the other player's in a fight.  This one is much more about getting arguments going and determining who can talk their way to victory, but it will always generate a lot of laughs which makes it a great bar game.

#19  Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is one of those pub games you'll never knew you missed until you walk into a bar or arcade that has one.  Then you wind up playing for two hours and seriously consider purchasing one for the game room.  Shuffleboard is truly a go big or go home pub game; the best and most enjoyable boards are 14 feet long. This game is an investment in your gaming future and is guaranteed to provide decades of fun nights.  

#20  Chess

Chess, the whisky to checker's peach schnapps, as they say.  Either you know how to play chess or you don't care.  If you like chess, there isn't a whole lot better than sitting down against a similarly skilled opponent and seeing who comes out on top.  For a slower paced, more relaxed pub experience, there is little that can top chess.