Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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IOGEAR Kaliber

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Drevo Calibur 71 keys

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Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M

Jonas Armchair Empire Editor

Hardcore gamers turn away right now! Wireless technology is fraught with lag issues that even the best wireless devices cannot eliminate. Our top collection of gaming keyboards with wireless connectivity showed the lowest delay, but it is enough to give you nightmares in a competitive scenario. We suggest buying a wireless gaming keyboard if you want a backup, the benefit of portability or are a light to the casual gamer.

Top Wireless Gaming Keyboards In 2020

ModelPriceTypeConnection Type
Drevo Calibur 71 Keys Wireless Keyboard$$$WirelessBluetooth
Madcatz S.T.R.I.K.E.M Wireless Keyboard
$$$WirelessIR and Bluetooth
Razer Turret Living Room Gaming Mouse and Lapboard$$Wireless ComboIR and Bluetooth
IOGEAR Kaliber Wireless Gaming Combo$Wireless ComboBluetooth
Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800$$$WirelessUnifying Receiver

1. Drevo Calibur 71 Keys Wireless Keyboard

The market isn’t ripe with lots of wireless gaming options in the PC segment. As such finding the best wireless gaming keyboard wasn’t that difficult of a task. The Drevo Calibur 71 Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard was an easy pick for the number one spot, due to numerous gaming centric features at a justifiable price tag. Remember, this is a wireless keyboard at the end of the day and as such will still feel a little different regarding response and performance as opposed to a wired keyboard.

The Drevo Calibur packs in full RGB backlighting with plenty of customizations to make your keyboard stand out from the rest. Keys are actual mechanical though not Cherry MX, but definitely a good replica that has a similar feel and click sound. The one we got for our review came with “Red Switches” that isn't too loud but certainly have a decent travel distance. As a Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard, the Drevo needs just 2 hours to charge completely and will last a good 20 hours of regular use before dying out.


  • Mechanical keys are rare on wireless keyboards, but the Drevo has amazing mechanical keys.
  • RGB lighting can be customized to your liking.
  • 2 Hours charging for over 20 hours of gaming.


  • Takes a while and can get irritating switching between devices.
  • The function keys are missing. You have to use a special F key to access them.

2. Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M Wireless Keyboard

The Madcatz S.T.R.I.K.E.M wireless keyboard is a jack of all trades though not particularly adept at gaming. Then again, hardly any wireless keyboard is ideal for hardcore gaming. Nevertheless, the Madcatz S.T.R.I.K.E.M makes a decent attempt at adding usability features that, depending on what you play, may or may not help. For starters, this keyboard has a feature called Optical Finger Navigation or OFN that the company says is smoother than a trackball. We beg to differ, it is only slightly better but definitely useful if you want to pair your gaming console with a wireless keyboard (why you would is beyond us).

Saying that the keyboard is compact, would be an overstatement but it certainly is smaller than majority of gaming keyboards. Unfortunately, because of the small nature of this keyboard, you have differently placed keys, some of which are exclusively for mouse buttons. Again such a layout may help you if you play more on mobile devices or light web based games. The S.T.R.I.K.E.M uses Bluetooth to connect and operates for at least 45 hours before needing a quick recharge.


  • Lightweight full-fledged keyboard with built-in mouse functionality.
  • Gamer centric design concept.
  • A good replacement keyboard or wireless alternative to have around for light gaming.


  • Layout of the keys can be hard getting used to.
  • Lacks normal gaming features such as macros, customization.
  • Too small in size for average gamers, best only as a portable option.
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M Wireless Keyboard for Android and Windows Smart Devices, PC, and Mac - Gloss Black
  • Centralizes Media Control - Great as a remote-control as you stream TV and other media from popular streaming services including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Plex, Movies by Flixster, Pandora Internet Radio, and Twitch TV
  • Lightweight and Portable - At 190 grams, S.T.R.I.K.E.M is a go-to travel keyboard. A formfitting case provides travel protection, a device stand enables comfortable viewing angles, and a rechargeable Li-poly battery stores up to 45 hours of mobile energy
  • Enables Fluid Typing - Custom P.U.L.S.E. scissor keys are low profile, deliver crisp actuation with a tactile click response, and boast a 2mm travel distance for speedy typing. Ideal for navigating an iPad or Office Suite on your Smart TV

3. Razer Turret Gaming Mouse and Lapboard

The Razer company is known for its killer gaming peripherals and out of the box thinking however, the Turret isn’t a five star product. The idea behind the Turret is amazing but this certainly does not qualify as the best wireless keyboard for gaming. First up, the Razer Turret is a keyboard and mouse combination.

The mouse is necessary if you want to properly use the attached mousepad. This maintains a magnetic lock on the mouse so you don’t accidentally drop it when using just the keyboard. The design makes it simple to connect and use with a gaming console or mobile device though it works with all operating systems and devices thanks to wireless dongle and Bluetooth LE connectivity. Unfortunately, with the Bluetooth port, the lag is significant enough that you will notice drop in sensitivity and accuracy as you game. The wireless dongle though is much better but it only works with PC.


  • Innovative design that includes a lap pad with specially designed mouse.
  • Works great with all devices.
  • Connects via Bluetooth or Wireless dongle.
  • Impressive battery backup of 40 hours on a single charge.


  • Chiclet keys are good to type on but gaming does not feel grounded on them.
  • Connecting via Bluetooth introduces severe lag, which can impact your FPS gaming records.
  • Left handed mouse users cannot utilize the attached magnetic mouse pad.
Razer Turret Lapboard - Gaming-Grade Mouse and Keyboard Lapboard for Living Room Gaming - Bluetooth Enabled
  • the Razer Turret consists of a fully-fledged PC gaming keyboard with full anti-ghosting and a highly precise ambidextrous gaming mouse with a 3500 DPI sensor
  • The Razer Turret comes with dual wireless connectivity, so whether you're connected to your console via Bluetooth or to your PC via the wireless 2.4 GHz adaptor, you'll be able to play without a hitch
  • The Razer Turret's ergonomic and slim form factor has been made to perfectly fit on your lap. The foldable hinge ensures that the keyboard will be unobtrusive and easily dockable when not in use

4. IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Wireless Combo

We have mixed feelings for the IOGEAR Kaliber keyboard. This is the only non-gaming keyboard in the list but worthy enough to make it just because of the price tag and its raised keys. The diamond raised keys are different from normal keyboards but certainly allow for a larger travel. Moreover, the entire keyboard is spill proof so you won’t damage anything if you are a snobbish gamer. As for the mouse, lets just say that it is best to replace it immediately.

The keyboard might be cheap without mechanical keys but the impressive 33 feet range on the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency is its biggest attraction point. A wireless keyboard is only as good as the battery life and range. The Kaliber isn’t the best gaming wireless keyboard but it certainly has the longest reach.


  • Cheapest with decent features for casual gaming.
  • Waterproof chasis.
  • Uses Wireless 2.4GHz channel to connect at a maximum distance of 33ft.


  • The mouse is worthless as the buttons misfire and it is just too light for gaming.
  • Keys can misfire at times.
  • The keyboard bends under slight pressure at the center, which is more so if you raise the legs on it.
IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, GKM602R
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection - up to 33 ft
  • Gaming Keyboard with 8 anti-ghosting keys
  • Precision 7-Button Gaming Mouse with 3 macro buttons

Buying Guide (2020)


First - are you sure you want to buy a wireless gaming keyboard? Remember all wireless devices suffer from input and output lag. It is just the way the technology works. Hence, the only reasons to buy a wireless gaming keyboard is because you want a portable solution that you can pack along with your laptop or need a secondary keyboard for light gaming and console connectivity.

But, if you are hell bent on getting the best wireless gaming keyboard then there are a few things that we discovered through the review process of our selection of keyboards that you ought to know.

When To Buy A Wireless Keyboard?

Sick and tired of ripping your gaming keyboard’s wires? You are a prime candidate for a wireless keyboard If you are clumsy and tend to shred cables now and then.

You may also want a wireless keyboard because you game on a PlayStation or Xbox and don’t want to go via the cable route because of all the basic expenses and cable clutter.

And finally, you probably are a casual gamer with an occasional spurt in competitiveness who spends the rest of the time editing, writing, designing or otherwise.

If you relate to any of the above situations, then you are a prime candidate for our best wireless keyboard for gaming guide. But before you get all excited and start ordering, know what you are getting into. Wireless keyboards suffer from inherent complications.

Battery Worries

Your team depends on you to save their butts. As the last player standing it is up to you to defend their honor when suddenly your keyboard begins to misfire. There’s more lag than before, and now the lights start flickering out! A bit of an exaggeration but the fact is wireless products all need batteries to operate. Your wireless keyboard is no different.

Even the best wireless gaming keyboard will need periodic charging. Best practice, therefore, is to charge your keyboard always in short bursts. Maybe when your systems starting up or while you browse the internet, watch a Netflix original.

Wireless Is Not The Same As Portable

People often mistake wireless devices as portable. While it applies to the majority of devices, it is not the case for gaming keyboards. In our experience, the best gaming wireless keyboard is nearly full sized with sufficient key sizes for smooth gaming. Unfortunately, this means the keyboard is large, and you probably won’t find it any lighter than a wired keyboard or small even.

Wireless Is Not Magic

Wireless keyboards aren’t the quick solution for all wired keyboard problems. Just because you removed a wire does not mean the keyboard’s mechanics or its functionality changes. It is just a keyboard without a cable. Hence, ergonomics, lag, functionality, usability, and performance are all real-world problems with a wireless keyboard just as much as it is with wired ones.

Do not rush into a decision just because a manufacturer says their wireless keyboard is compact and ergonomic. Remember, professional gamers who play for hours daily all use wired keyboards for a reason.

Connection Type

Wireless is just, “zero wires,” how does it matter what technology the keyboard uses? Well, it matters a whole lot. There are two reasons why you should check the wireless technology when deciding on the best wireless gaming keyboard.

First, the device you want to pair your device with may need a particular kind of wireless technology. Case in point, older gaming consoles. Second, Bluetooth keyboards tend to have a higher lag than wireless dongle (radio transmitter) keyboards. It is just the way the technologies work.

Our Final Thoughts

Yes, there are limited options if you are adamant on a wireless gaming specific keyboard, but if you game occasionally or casually and want something free of cable clutter, the four we have selected are excellent. Just decide on your budget and invest. We, however, want to remind you once again that a wired gaming keyboard will always outperform wireless ones so when you can, do get a wired alternative for aggressive FPS action.