Antivirus Protection for Gaming: Here’s Why You Need to Get It

Gaming isn’t as safe as it used to be anymore. Even if you’re playing on a secure server that only you and your buddies have access to, that doesn’t guarantee protection against viruses. The hackers know very well that players don’t really like to install antivirus software, as they believe it slows down the performance. That’s exactly why today, the fans of Battle Royale, or any other game, are targets for cybercriminals.

So, what can you do to safeguard yourself and your gaming device from the attackers? Download and install a reliable security suite with an adequate system impact, of course! The TotalAv antivirus review by Jack Wallen claims it to be a nice option for protection, and there’s a lot of truth to that. But let us talk more about the most critical features instead of focusing on one single product.

Things to look for in an Antivirus for Gaming

Alright, now that we know that you do, indeed, NEED protection when playing your favorite titles online, it’s time to get down to business. What should you look for in a commercial antivirus program? Is it a low price, a long list of extra features, or maybe a user-friendly interface?

Low System Impact

As we already mentioned, this is the #1 concern for most gamers. The good news is – most leading antivirus programs have a very low system impact when they’re protecting the OS in the background. With that said, some solutions require up to 700MB of RAM, 2-3GB of hard-drive space, and a lot of CPU power. You can check the system requirements for all the supported platforms (like Windows and macOS) on the official websites.

Gaming Mode – No Pop-Ups

Also known as the Silent Mode, the Gaming Mode is a life-savior for the players. When activated, it stops all scheduled security scans, update downloads, and system restarts. Plus, you won’t see any annoying pop-up messages right in the middle of a heated battle in the Gaming mode. The most advanced Silent Modes are known to optimize the system resources and improve overall performance, which is always great news.

A Safe Browser and a VPN

These days, gamers make many donations, spend money on new loot boxes in “browser” games, and more. To secure your online transactions, we highly recommend installing a safe browser. It will keep the hackers from stealing your logins-passwords and getting access to your bank account(s). Most gaming-oriented antiviruses have a free browser available for all users – make sure to use it!

A VPN can further improve your online security. Routing the traffic through a secure, encrypted server makes it literally impossible for third parties (cybercriminals, government agencies, and even your ISP) to access the raw data. Plus, a VPN provides easy access to otherwise-blocked geo-restricted websites and resources.

Most Important Extras

A built-in system optimizer for boosting the overall performance will always come in handy. First of all, it will eliminate junk files on your drives and free up much-needed space. Secondly, it will reduce the system startup time, make the browser work faster, and more. Don’t expect it to make wonders happen, of course, but a good set of tune-up tools can, indeed, improves performance.

Next, webcam protection is arguably the most critical additional feature/tool you can get with an antivirus. Most gamers have a web-camera, and if the hackers manage to get their hands on it, that can turn into a disaster. Also, look for a program that protects the microphone as well.

And what about the number of simultaneously protected devices, you might ask? Well, it all depends on your needs. If you mostly play on one single device, there will be no need to pay for more extensive coverage. On the other hand, some folks like to play on their desktop computers, tablets, and even Smartphones. For them, multi-device protection is a must.

The Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs 2020

Finding an ergonomically optimized gaming chair is often easier said than done. Lack of regulation gives marketers the freedom to hype their products the way they want, and many times gamers receive the complete opposite of what they ordered. To make things worse, most players don’t know the first thing about ergonomics, so only a few will know they are being defrauded. We want to save you the hassle of performing overly-extensive research as you look for a suitable chair. Here are five chairs we reckon would complement your gaming PC experience:

1.   Maingear Forma-R Nero

The Maingear Forma features one of the most balanced blends of functionality, sturdiness, and flexibility. On it, you can rotate 360 degrees and lean back almost 180 degrees without tipping over. The Maingear’s design gives it an ergonomic weight limit of about 330 pounds, meaning it can support just about anyone.

The best part about investing in this chair is that it is versatile and can fit well in an office setting thanks to its lumbar pillow backrest and head pillow for neck support, its super-quiet casters, and the fact that it is relatively lightweight.

2.   Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the chairs recommended at High Ground Gaming, and it is not difficult to see why. Not only is it fashioned out of recycled material, but it also sports advanced ergonomic features based on science and research. Its elastomeric seat and backrest feature eight different tension zones, which combine to envelop your frame and add to its ergonomic support. People who shift extensively when playing may find this chair quite handy as it is designed to move with the body without losing balance anywhere along the recline range.

3.   Secretlab Titan 2020 Series

The Secretlab Titan supports users up to six feet and seven inches tall and 290 pounds heavy, and comes as one of the most accommodative chairs in our list. Its ergonomic feature assortment is highlighted by a large backrest and a matching lumbar pillow cushion as well as adjustable armrests which can swivel in all directions – forward, backward, upward, and downward.

Secretlab seems to have spent quite the time optimizing the aesthetic aspect, too, as the chair comes in special edition models tailored for different tastes.

4.   Vertagear Racing Series

The comfort of a chair is determined by how well it combines the various sitting ergonomic factors. The Vertagear Racing Series is built with virtually everything we can think of in mind. Its steel frame gives it a much-needed sturdiness to support all the weight from long gaming sessions, and the gamer doesn’t have to give up their comfort. The chair comes with an additional set of lumbar pillows and a memory foam headrest. There are ventilators beneath the headrest to ensure free airflow is not altered. The armrests and height are adjustable as well, so the gamer’s height will not affect their gaming experience.


While there is nothing wrong with prioritizing your aesthetic and quality standards, ergonomics should never be ignored. The above chairs are the complete packages for any gamer who cares about their comfort and health.

Simple Rules to be a Better Programmer

What is a rule?

In programming, a rule is a piece of code that defines how to achieve some goal. In Ruby it is called a class or method.

JavaScript: When a programmer makes a typo (i.e. has a few) he is committing a style violation and is told to write an additional letter (not too many).

Programmers often seem to not understand why a particular set of rules exist. It is a habit to follow a set of rules when using a given language. You might not follow all of them, but at least try to. If not, you might find yourself trying to solve the same problems over and over again, or worse, putting together long chains of hack-like solutions.

A few months ago, I started writing a new pattern for a design pattern repository. I called the pattern jq-routes

.jq-routes defines how to route an HTTP GET request to a web page using a JSON object that will be returned. Every time a GET request is made to your repository, it returns an object of JSON data from the route. A route can be used by multiple repositories at once. I like jq-routes because it takes very little setup and you can write your own routes as you like. You can even use jq-routes to create extensions that can be added to any given pattern.

This is a simple example of how jq-routes looks like:

describe Rack::User do context 'get a user' do let(:user) { } before { -> $user { request_json( user:, user_ids: user.user_ids ) } } after { -> $user { ( incr_user_id? ) -> $request { ( incr_user_id? ) -> render( :form ) } } } context 'get a user with id 6' do let(:user) { } before { -> $user { request_json( user: $, user_ids: 6 ) } } after { -> $user { incr_user_id? -> $request { ( incr_user_id? ) -> render( :form ) } } } context 'show a user' do let(:user) { } before { -> $user { request_json( user: $, user_ids: 1 ) } } after { -> $user { incr_user_id? -> $request { ( incr_user_id? ) -> render( :form ) } } } context 'show all users' do let(:user) { } before { -> $user { request_json( user: $, user_ids: user_ids ) } } after { -> $user { incr_user_id? -> $request { ( incr_user_id? ) -> render( :form ) } } } context 'show a user with id 7' do let(:user) { } before { -> $user { request_json( user: $, user_ids: 7 ) } } after { -> $user { incr_user_id? -> $request { ( incr_user_id? ) -> render( :form ) } } } context 'render a form for a user' do let(:form) { } before { -> $form { form_for( :user ) } } after { -> $form { form_for( :user ) } } context 'render a form for all users' do let(:form) { } before { -> $form { form_for( :user ) } } after { -> $form { form_for( :user ) } } context 'render an individual form' do # A form builder as a middleware for an entire application. app.get('/users', action: :edit, middleware: [ ], fn(req, res) -> { if req.user.has_admin?(user) { let req_form = req.form_for(user.admin); let form = form_for(req_form); res.render(form); } }); end app.get('/users/new', action: :new, middleware: [ ], fn(req, res) -> { let req_form = req.form_for(; let form = form_for(req_form); res.render(form); }); end

We've already seen the basic steps of composing actions with middleware. We have four actions (users, delete, show, and show a user with a specific id) which we pass through our handlers to generate action objects. The :post method that we also wrap on the edit action's path just passes the form to the template, which is important because the text field doesn't handle the form submission. This is where our form builder comes in handy. Our form builder creates a new form for us and enqueues it to the rails server for all to see.

What else could we do with a form builder?

Here are a few ideas:

Post a form if the user's admin?

Capture a user's data so that you can render custom views based on the data

Helper functions to render the form in a different template based on the data

I've discussed this idea more than once in the tutorial on forms and templates, so this is a perfect time to talk about it. One of the challenges with building form-driven applications is that you often need to do multiple things at the same time, like fetching a user's information from some internal service, rendering the form in a template, and doing some action logic with the data. Form builders allow you to create a single place to do all of this for you.

Let's say you have an application where users submit their ID, name, and email. To do this you would put the data into a form builder, select the fields that you want to show on the form, and then bind all of that to a single action:It's not hard to see the benefits here. You can save time by defining a small set of fields and saving those to the form builder, saving your code, and shipping the form back to the server in the standard template.

The badForm builders, like the application we looked at above, make some dangerous assumptions.They don't make testable. Form builders, like our template, should always throw an exception if an invalid value is entered, and you should always take the necessary action to reload the form if an invalid value is entered. Yet form builders aren't built to make your code testable.

They don't separate logic from presentation. A typical template in a form builder looks like this:It's like a spaghetti of template tags all tagged with <!DOCTYPE html> , and each tag contains JavaScript code. Each tag runs its code after the event handler and before the form submission. With the way form builders work, the "layout" of your form comes from a combination of tags and JavaScript, and code that you may never have even touched.

You must write boilerplate.

The format for a form builder is that you build a form element, then you build a submit handler. You must read this boilerplate before building your form.

 If you do, you're in trouble.

Space and Stars Related Slots That You Can Play Now

When it comes to playing the slot machines, there are endless options out there. Whether you choose to play for coins on your smartphone or at a local bar with a gaming site, you can choose from many things.

According to Science Daily, people prefer brightly-colored slot machines. It seems to be a lot more fun and keeps your attention for longer periods. Of course, many of these games are online, as well. This allows you to play when you have a little free time. Some of them enable you to win real money while others are just to kill time and have a little fun. Still, you can use these slots games to practice for when you’re out and want to play at a casino.

Why Choose Space or Star Themes

It seems that everyone is now focused on the stars and space right now. Of course, part of that started as a child because you could look up and see the vast amount of stars. It seemed never-ending and probably made you feel small and insignificant. For many adults, the feeling never goes away, and they still gaze up at the stars at times.

We’re going to discuss a variety of slot machine games that feature a space or stars theme.

Space Digger

If you’re amazed about undiscovered planets and their rocky surfaces, you may enjoy playing Space Digger. This is an engaging slot game with a RTP (return to player) percentage of more than 95 percent. Therefore, you have a good chance of winning with this one. The wild symbol for the game is a digger that hasn’t been invented yet in real life. It can be used to mine some of the distant planet’s landscapes. When you stack the wild symbols, you can activate the different features. There are also many bonus games that factor in precious gems, too. Of course, this slot game is sure to amaze and excite you.

Starmada Exiles

Have you ever played space pirates as a kid? Most people didn’t, but the thought amuses them now and makes them want to give it a try. Though you may not feel like dressing up and creating the space, you can find a variety of pirate characters on Starmada Exiles. Here, the milky way and seven seas collide when some exiled pirates are forced into space. It’s a colorful game, and they want to fill up their boots with bounteous space treasure. You can help them find it, and the rarest of treasure is going to provide you with some big wins. There’s a scatter symbol, which looks like a planet and activates the Plunder Bonus.

This game has a RTP of roughly 96 percent. Therefore, if you want to be a space pirate, Starmada Exiles might help you win big.


The Starburst slot game features brightly-colored gemstones and has many intergalactic adventures. It’s a three-row, five-reel game and has 10 different pay lines. You can view hypnotic backgrounds while you watch bursts of light throughout the screen. There are free spins you can win, which also light the screen up. Dive deep into space with this game here.

You’re going to find that the game is easy to play, but it does take a little time to figure everything out. It’s possible to tailor the action through the bet size. You can choose from a penny all the way up to a dollar. Therefore, you put in a little and can get back quite a lot.

Solar Se7en

Solar Se7en is a game with a lot of excitement for everyone. You get 40 pay lines within the game, so you could – effectively – boost your bet and win by up to 800 times. The symbols look like strange fruits from far-away planets, aliens, and some sevens. It seems to be a fun way to spend some time, so why not try it?

Stars Awakening

Stars Awakening features planets and aliens for the symbols. You don’t have to spend tons of money to play it, either. If you’re new to slots playing, this can help you save money while you learn. You get 20 different pay lines and five reels. Therefore, you’ve got many ways to win. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to try this space-themed slot machine.

Galactic Streak

Galactic Streak is similar to Stars Awakening because the symbols look like stars, planets, and aliens. There are only four reels, but still 20 pay lines, so you’re sure to have fun and get a great slot-playing experience. Of course, the goal is to earn some money, and this one has an excellent RTP. Each planet features different payouts, so you want to line up those high-value ones when possible.


There are endless space and stars related slots from which to choose. If you are into slot machine playing or want to get into it, you’re going to be impressed with the colors, features, and stylings of any of them.

Best Gaming Gear for Playing at Online Casinos

Online casino gamers, much like video game players, use games as a way to relax and have some fun, but with the added benefit of there being a chance to win some money. With so many different games to explore at online casinos, many casino gamers choose to indulge in a session of seeking and playing the best games.

To enhance the experience, gamers seek out special gear to buy and use when playing online casino games. Now, as these games don’t require specialist controllers or consoles to play, buying gear comes down to boosting the relaxation levels to their highest, getting completely immersed in the game, and using the best tech to play the games on.

So, if you want to play online casino games, these are the best bits of gaming gear that you should consider adding to enhance your experience.

The Best Device

Source: 9 to 5 Toys, via

Online casinos emerged into the world in 1994, taking the form of specialized websites with a few Flash/video form games. But along with the internet, online casinos have evolved into gargantuan sites with pages filled full of hundreds of high-definition games. They have also adapted to the demands of the modern gamer.

It was found that by the end of 2018, over half of the gaming market’s global revenue will come from mobile devices. Gaming from phones and tablets is immensely popular, so online casinos made themselves mobile-friendly, as did the developers creating the games.

To get the best of both worlds with mobility and a touchscreen interface as well as having all of the power of a regular computer, you should turn to the iPad 9.7-inch. The phenomenal bit of gear is perfect for scrolling through online casinos, touching into games and then tapping your way through play. It even supports the Apple Pencil.

Best of all, you can run multiple apps at one time, meaning that you can switch between your online casino website or app and a website or app showing you playing strategies for games like Craps, European Roulette, and All American Poker.

The Best Chair

Source: Susan John, via

If there’s one thing that gamers know, it’s how to stay comfy for prolonged periods of time. Playing video games often takes up hours of a day, so being at optimum levels of comfort is not only important to the player’s enjoyment at the time, but also to prevent back, arm, neck, and shoulder pain later on.

Many top-class gaming chairs are in circulation, but the one rated as the very best of all in 2018 is the Secretlab Omega. This bastion of gaming comfort boasts a very versatile tilt mechanism as well as velour memory foam pillows. Reviewers say that the Omega offers such comfort that you could put it in full recline and take a nap.

Online casino gaming is very much like console gaming in that the player will sit in one place while playing the games. It’s very important to be comfortable and ergonomically correct during these gaming spells, which is why chairs such as the Secretlab Omega have become so popular with all forms of gamer. They’re certainly comfier than the stools set out in front of slot machines at land-based casinos.

The Best Headphones

Source: F1irstSlice, via

For those who live in a house or apartment with other people, you may have found that others don’t always appreciate the chimes of coins, the bounce of the roulette ball, or the wisp of animated characters as they appear in your online casino games. But, these sounds are part of the game and help to immerse you and raise excitement levels.

So, it is imperative for the modern online casino gamer to get some good headphones. Earphones like the Apple or JVC Gumy ones are okay, but a proper gaming headset is what will really sink you into the game. The best one on the market for comfort and the incredible surround-sound feel is the HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

Boasting Dolby’s digital signal processor, the 7.1-channel surround sound is exemplary. The need for this bit of gear to be comfortable cannot be overstated, which is why the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is given so much credit. The cushions sit very well on your ears and across your head, while also muffling out surrounding sounds to keep you in the game.

The Best Mouse

If you’re not part of the mobile revolution and much prefer playing your online casino games the good old fashioned way, you’re going to want a top class mouse. If you play on a laptop, you’ll certainly want a mouse to avoid the tedious use of the touchpad. You don’t need one because you could do with the extra buttons provided by a gaming mouse, but because certain models do offer extra comfort, ease of use, and a very special immersive feature.

The Steel Series Rival 700 catches the eyes of many gamers because it vibrates. Image playing a game, and whenever something major happened, the mouse rumbled away to add to that winning feeling. On top of this, the mouse is sleek and smooth for ease of use and comfort and it has side buttons for speedy back and forth web page navigation.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your online casino gaming experience, check out the top-rated bits of gear detailed above; see how much better your spinning and card gaming can get.

The Software Developers Behind the Best Online Casino Software

It’s 2019 and online casinos are more popular today than they have ever been before, with global revenues hitting an astonishing $45.8 billion in 2017 – a figure that’s predicted to almost double to $94.4 billion in 2024.

Those numbers are being fuelled by softening of gambling regulation around the world and increased access to both the fast internet and mobile computing hardware.

But when you load up your favourite online casino, you probably aren’t thinking about the software which makes it all possible. In fact, most people don’t even know that behind most online casinos are widely used, easily customized software which provides almost everything about your online gaming experience.

Digging into the ‘about’ pages on most casinos will reveal which software operator they’re rolling with, but many still choose to hide their software partners in a bid to give the impression of uniqueness in the market.

Needless to say, there are very few casinos which do create their own games, instead relying on dedicated casino software developers to create experiences which their customers will love. But who are these companies silently creating our favourite casino games behind the scenes? Join us as we share with you the best of them:


Founded in 1999, Playtech has grown to become of the biggest software providers in the world for the gaming space. They provide software to online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, sportsbooks and even live casinos. Operating primarily in the UK (a vast casino market) and the EU, Playtech are the parent company behind smaller operators Origins, Ash Gaming, Playtech Vikings, Psiclone Games, Quickspin, Sunfox Games, Eyecon and more.

There’s a very high chance that if you’ve ever played an online casino based in the UK, you’ve played a Playtech game.

Evolution Gaming

Fast-internet and lightweight video codecs like HTML5 have meant that streaming video is incredibly popular, a fact which has given birth to the ‘live dealer’ explosion - games which are played in real life and broadcast back to users, who bet and play in real time.

One of the leaders in the live dealer sector is Evolution Gaming, who have built their entire company on it. Their live dealer games are used by some of the UK's biggest online casinos like Gala, William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral and more. Although not available in the US (yet), Evolution Gaming has received several industry awards, including Game of the Year.

RealTime Gaming

For a long while, RTG casinos (RealTime Gaming) casinos were the last word in US online casinos. In fact, the phrase RTG became closely associated with online casinos in the early to mid-2000s, before awareness of the industry became as widespread as it is today.

Powering a huge percentage of the USA Online Casinos, RealTime Gaming has made significant moves in recent years to expand its product range and channel delivery. Today, they offer sportsbooks, mobile casino gaming, download games, instant play and kiosk games.


A slightly smaller operator, Microgaming has built their reputation like RealTime Gaming – in the US market. Unlike RTG though, Microgaming has been at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.

Specifically, they’ve been working on VR online casinos, launching a VR roulette product which has already found significant success. VR aside, their vastly successful poker operations and Mega Moolah slots have meant that Microgaming enjoy a sterling reputation in the casino software development sector.


What do Playtech, RealTime Gaming and Microgaming have in common? They’re all companies born in the late 90s, at the birth of the online casino industry.

IGT (International Game Technology), on the other hand, can trace their roots back to 1971, when they started selling software and hardware to brick-and-mortar casinos with gaming machines. They quickly began to throve and, today, they operate in both the physical and online casino space – offering many of the same experiences online or off.

Although less prevalent offline than on, IGT owns the casino game licenses to huge names like Family Guy, CSI, the Wheel of Fortune and Ghostbusters, making them a major draw for potential online casino operators.

The Stars Group

Formerly known as Amaya, The Stars Group changed its name in 2017 following the 2014 takeover of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker’s parent company for a huge $4.9 billion – hinting at one of their specialities.

Based in Canada, The Stars Group don’t offer games to the US casinos, but they are active around the rest of the world and offer some of the most popular slot games going thanks to their licenses for major superhero franchises like Superman and Wonder Woman, alongside other properties like The Italian Job, Jenga, Street Fighter and more.

Of course, these are merely some of the biggest companies in 2019. The industry is expanding at a remarkable rate and, as demand grows, who could say which companies will capitalize to become a leading light in the coming years.

Buying and Selling Online: How the GDPR Affects You

The European Union (EU) took a huge step in influencing how the world does business online by adopting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April 2016. As you may know, the regulations were fully implemented a little over two years ago. Whether we all know it or not, the GDPR has made a significant impact on how companies view data privacy.

In the most general terms, the GDPR is designed to protect consumers against two things. First is the misuse and abuse of their personal information by companies and organisations who collect it. Second, it is intended to reduce the likelihood of data breaches by forcing companies to be more responsible with the data they possess.

If you own a business or operate a non-profit that collects personal information for any reason whatsoever, you are required to comply with the GDPR regarding all of your customers who live in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA).

You absolutely must comply if you sell online to customers in the EU or EEA. Even if your business is located outside one of the two areas, you must comply if you do business inside. And yes, the GDPR even affects you as a consumer. You may not own a business, yet you buy online. The GDPR impacts what you do.

Basic Tenets of the GDPR

The basic tenets of the GDPR are rooted in privacy. For purposes of clarification, the legislation identifies three parties in the data protection equation:

Collector – An organisation (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) that collects personal data from users.

Processor – A third-party organisation that controls and processes data on behalf of the collector.

Subject – The person whose data is collected and processed.

Regulations stipulate some simple ground rules designed to protect subjects. For starters, data cannot be processed without a subject's informed consent unless there is a legal basis for doing so. The law allows for only a few exceptions. Once given, consent may be withdrawn by the subject at any time and for any reason.

Subjects themselves have a number of rights specified under the GDPR:

Access – Subjects have the right to access their own personal data upon request. Collectors and processors must furnish it without delay.

Transparency – Subjects have the right to receive that data in a clear, concise, and transparent way.

Elimination – Also known as the right of erasure, subjects can request that all personal information pertaining to them be eliminated from collector and processor computer systems. Both must comply.

Objections – Finally, subjects have the right to object to the use of their personal information for marketing and related purposes. They can object to their information being used autonomously as well.

There is more to the GDPR than these general provisions. From a consumer standpoint, they have the right to control their own personal information. They have the right to determine how it is used by organisations and their third-party processors. But understand that consumers wishing to exercise said rights must actively do so. Organisations will not go out of the way to help.

Ramifications for Business Owners

Two years on and it is not clear whether business owners and other organisations have mastered all of the implications of the GDPR. The complex nature of the regulation suggests a high likelihood of some organisations still not in full compliance. Small businesses and not-for-profits are especially vulnerable right now.

What must be understood is that the GDPR does not apply just to organisations within the EU. That is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding of this entire thing. Any organisation that collects and processes information on EU citizens and residents are required to comply. How compliance is enforced beyond the EU's borders is another matter altogether.

The best bet for organisations is to work with a data privacy consultancy capable of running a complete audit and coming up with effective solutions. It should be noted that one of the provisions of the GDPR requires companies to prove, on-demand, that they are complying. Regular audits are a very helpful tool for doing so.

Audits can show a company where it is complying and where it is not. They can help a company develop written policies and procedures for maintaining compliance day-to-day. Such a collection of documents would serve as proof should a company ever be called on to prove compliance.

When the GDPR was first announced back in 2016, it was hailed as one of the most important pieces of legislation for consumer privacy in EU history. Such claims may have been overdone at the time, but we now see just how much of an impact the legislation has had on the way organisations operate online.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, the GDPR affects what you do online. Whether or not it is good depends on your perspective. The one thing we do know is that it's not going away.

What are betting exchanges and how do they use technology?

Sports betting was, for a long time, in the technological dark ages with a real refusal to use anything other than good old-fashioned intuition and guesswork, both for bookmakers and punters. Many tried to come up with systems but would view stats and figures with a certain disdain and unhappiness that amounted to a sort of reverse snobbery.

We can see it today with football and xG, expected goals, a term that is very common for professional gamblers to used but your regular run of the mill punters view it with subscription. It is easy enough to understand, it basically just calculates how valuable a chance is and if a team is over or underperforming based on the chances it creates. This can, of course, help you to see patterns and how likely teams are to win a match based on previous performances. It can also help to evaluate players.

For a long time, despite there being so many new pieces of technology, be that hardware or software, technology was simply ignored by people who liked to places bets and the companies who let you place them. There was no competition, no need to innovate before the internet people had to go into actual shops so why make it easier for punters if it was paid for them to find a new place to bet.

However, there were some innovative and driven companies which felt there were ways which we could change and alter betting in order to both freshen it up and make it more exciting. One of the key ideas was to introduce betting exchanges, with a number of companies pioneering this idea which would change the way people bet and interact with each other. One of these companies is Matchbook, who run one of the worlds biggest sporting exchanges and there are many different matchbook promotions people can use in order to get introduced to the platform without having to spend any money. They have worked hard to create this new system which makes betting better.

In essence, what it does is seek to set odds in a way that other companies had never even considered. Rather than using an algorithm no-one knows anything about or having a secret sect of employees who bicker and argue before putting the price up, betting exchanges give control back to consumers and allow them to interact with one another.

They have embraced technology which allows people to interact with one another, they have created a betting space which uses the latest technology to quickly and easily interpret what real people are betting on in order to change the prices. You are able to bet on or to bet against something happening, the more people doing one affects the price of the other. If a lot of people are betting on something to happen, say Manchester City to beat Leicester this weekend, then you will get good odds on betting for that not to happen.

Like the stock market, prices are affected by real time events and by actual people’s confidence in something happening. This technology then has given power back to the consumers and made betting a more open and democratic process.

Do Online Gamers Really Need to Use a VPN?

One of the buzzwords flying around the internet in recent years has been that of ‘VPN.’ In the wake of headline-catching hacking scandals and a heightened fear of people invading one’s privacy through the internet, VPNs have become very popular and a staple of the online experience for many.

While not surfing the internet or watching consuming content through websites, gamers do make use of the internet when playing online games. Every time we log on and battle in a game’s arena, be it DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or even Ark: Survival Evolved, someone in the know can access our data via our connection.

For gamers, it can be of particular importance to keep your details and data safe while online because, simply put, the whole point of you being online at that time is to defeat others. In gaming, there are no winners without losers, and some losers don’t take too kindly to being defeated. As such, ensuring that you’re safe and secure from any potential out-of-game retaliations is vital.

People all over the world are utilizing VPNs to keep their data private, but gamers can draw and extra benefit from the tech, potentially making their actual game time even better.

 VPN’s primary purpose: privacy

VPNs, or virtual private networks, used to be used as a way for workers to access their company’s servers in-house and remotely, ensuring that access to the sensitive data was kept as secure as possible. With more people becoming concerned about the safety of their data online, VPN providers decided to expand their services, offering the benefits of virtual private networks to the general online public.

When you boot up a VPN and connect to one of the provider’s servers, the VPN creates a tunnel between you and your access point (most likely your computer) and the service provider’s server. The virtual tunnel which you and all of your data is using to access the server is heavily encrypted, making sure that prying eyes can’t see what you’re doing while online or where you are situated.

Using a VPN used to be a cumbersome process, but now, service providers have enhanced their offering. Nowadays, virtual private networks offer high speeds, as well as the much sought-after heightened security measures.

Regardless of what you’re up to online, there’s always the possibility that someone will want to access your data. This risk is heightened in online gaming where you’re competing and have personal identifiers on the screen – such as usernames – making it easier for someone with the knowledge to attempt to breach your privacy. With a VPN in place, you put a massive obstacle in the way of any would-be hacker.

Privacy is incredibly important in the modern era of internet use, but through using a VPN, gamers can get another benefit, which will enhance their gaming experience.

VPNs to decrease ping and reduce lag

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Ping is one of the most important metrics for games. Otherwise known as ‘latency’ or ‘lag,’ ping is the measurement of how long it takes for them to send a command to the game – or in online gaming, the game server – and for the screen to then show what happens. In a competitive space, players need ping to be as low as possible to enjoy the gaming experience, but due to how game servers are positioned around the world, high ping can be a real killer.

Many VPN service providers have servers situated all over the world. In their programs, you can pick which one you effectively tunnel to, making it appear as though that is the location you’re in as far as the internet is concerned. So, you need to find out where your game’s servers are hosted and then use a VPN to tunnel to a server in that same country, or at least in a region closer to where you are situated.

Tunneling to a server via a VPN closer to the game server will greatly help to reduce ping in your gaming, making for a much better experience. However, this only works if you use one of the leading VPN providers like NordVPN that not only covers safety and has multiple servers around the world, but is also incredibly fast.

These three components are crucial for gamers to make the most of a VPN service. If the service isn’t superfast, the gaming will become slow and cumbersome, even if you tunnel to a server nearby the game servers. High speed and multiple servers are the aim of the game for those who want to improve their online gaming.

People are turning to the power of virtual private networks to keep their data safe and ensure that prying eyes can’t access their information. Gamers, on the other hand, are taking it further: using the VPN to maintain a high level of security while also tunneling to other countries to allow for a much better gaming experience by decreasing lag.

VPN Services In Nowadays Life

Nowadays, more and more users think about their private data protection and anonymity on the network. It’s quite difficult and time-consuming to get insight into the new laws and regulations, however, it’s essential to protect yourself on the network. 

There is a proven way to do that – to install a reliable VPN you can find on cooltechzone. This is a kind of a tunnel between a computer and a server, and the information passing through it is securely encrypted.

Do You Really Need The Service?

There are several reasons why you need to take advantage of VPN:

  • It helps you protect data on your PC. Anonymity is useful for those who use Wi-Fi in public places.

  • VPN for a computer on the network helps you remain completely anonymous, so the ISP won’t be able to track your browsing history since the user will have a different IP address.

  • Due to secrecy, you can access content blocked in your region, for example, visit an online casino or adult websites, various forums and so on.

  • With VPN turned on, you can visit all the websites with no limitations. When you establish a connection to the VPN server, you connect to any of the selected servers. They can be located anywhere. Exactly the server you’re connected to gives you access to the web.

For smartphone users to be able to take advantage of anonymous services, lots of VPN servers have been adapted to them. Server users have begun to use special authorization methods for two-way data transfer. Accessing websites from the phone utilizing VPN makes it possible for them to use the Internet in public places remaining completely anonymous, as well as preventing traffic interception and hacking attacks.

Traveling And Internet Access

In addition to the unavailability of services in some countries, there is a certain problem with Internet access when you are traveling. It is not always possible to buy a local SIM card, so you have to connect to Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports, and cafes.

VPN connection while traveling will provide security when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Neither the Wi-Fi network administrator nor the attackers intercepting the traffic will be able to find out the websites you have visited. When you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, you put yourself at risk. A hacker can easily access your device through this network and steal such info as passwords, bank card data, etc. If you connect to public networks through VPN, there is no such risk since all the traffic that VPN sends and receives through your device is encrypted.

The second reason to take advantage of the service is installing or watching movies through the Kodi program, as well as the use of unlicensed programs downloaded from the web. If you do all these through VPN, it becomes hard for third parties to find out whether you have downloaded pirated content or not. A VPN connection will provide access to the resources blocked in your country or the country where you are currently located.

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