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Bringing the Casino Home

Hardcore gamers have been enjoying the spoils of gaming at home for years, with their console or computer being the central hub. Sadly however, for those of us that have been fond of casino games, for many a year we’ve had to visit physical bricks and mortars establishments in order to satisfy our needs. That was until the iGaming boom that happened from the early 00s onwards; since then, there has been more opportunities to game from inside the comfort of our own home.

Although that has resulted in a lot of happy casino fans, there have been various online brands we’ve had to navigate on the quest for top quality entertainment. Over the course of this review, we’re going to rate a Canadian online casino called Vegas Palms, to demonstrate how diverse online experiences can be.

In the case of this particular website, they’ve gone for a tropical aesthetic, helping to bring the holiday vibes into your home no matter how rough the weather is outdoors. And yet, they haven’t opted for anything too cheesy or novelty based, which helps promote increased longevity for the brand. Wrapped up in this vibrant package are well over 600 hundred different casino activities, all of which can be played on the mobile version of the platform. Obviously, this is key to our review, but the best part is how the experience isn’t diminished because we’re gaming from our portable devices.

Alongside the games, which are crucial to any successful experience, there are the other benefits of an online casino that you wouldn’t get at a physical one, such as the bonuses. This is one of the reasons why High roller casinos online have been such a big hit. These promotions are arguably what set game labels apart from one another, and so the better the range and accessibility, the higher the rating. For this example, there’s a welcome package to ease you into the website, which is then accompanied by ongoing regular rewards, in addition to loyalty schemes and VIP membership.

The fact that all these multiple components come together and form such a fluid entertainment package is what makes mobile activities one of the highest growing forms of gaming, with casinos often at the fore of that. Of course apps also play a big part in this boom, but even then, there’s casino apps contributing to that revenue, and so we come back to the fact that casino gaming is bringing the fun yet again.

Our review may have only given you a brief window into the phone casino, but it goes a long way in illustrating just how versatile mobile gaming can be, specifically that of casino titles from long-established brands. To decide whether this type of gaming is for you, you have to ask yourself whether you want the convenience of playing from inside your own home, without needing to spend money on travel. This is arguably as authentic as it can get without you visiting a local or internationally acclaimed casino, with the primary example being the likes of Las Vegas.