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How to Organize an X Factor-Style Karaoke Contest

Reality competition is all the rage right now, especially in the area of singing competitions. You and your friends may find yourself watching shows like The Voice or The X Factor and think about putting on your own contest in the same style. There is a lot that goes into those types of events, so we’ve simplified the process so you can just follow the instructions and have a blast.

1. Get contestants

Choose a number of singers that you would like to have, such as 10. They don’t all have to be amazing singers, just excited about the competition and they have to want to go with the flow (see number 5). These people should be able to take critique and be flexible as the competition goes on.

2. Get an audio system

The most important part to this competition other than competitors is to be able to hear the singers. If there is a low quality speaker and microphone, or no speaker and/or microphone, what is the point? In addition, since you aren’t necessarily expecting pro singing here, a laptop with lyrics to the songs is essential as well.

3. Narrow the music focus

To avoid too many types of music in the competition, challenge your participants by giving them a genre of music to choose from. One round could be rock and the next could be R&B. For a truly challenging and entertaining round, why not include a Rap round as well?

4. Choose judges

This part is incredibly important, and there is some flexibility in how you choose judges. You could choose to have them act as specific reality TV judges, such as Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul, or you can give them free reign to create their own personas. Regardless of what you choose, they must be unbiased toward the competitors and give honest, constructive feedback.

5. Choose a ranking system

Each reality singing competition show has their own way of judging contestants or selecting them to move on. You could get rolling chairs to swivel around if you’re trying to replicate The Voice, or get buzzers, to press if you’re done listening to someone, like on the X Factor. Either option could serve as the first round, and in subsequent rounds, judges could take on a format similar to American Idol or even Dancing with the Stars, where feedback is given and a number score is provided. A scale of 1-10 could help eliminate people and choose the winner as the number of contestants is lowered.

6. Have fun!

Ultimately, this competition is meant to be fun, so everyone involved, the organizers, judges and singers, should remember that and enjoy the whole process. To loosen people up, have snacks and drinks ready to go.