Nucleus Vision

With more and more commerce moving online, it seems that the old Brick and Mortar stores are not long for this world.

In the old vein of “Adapt or Die”, there is a solution for retailers to stay relevant in the digital age. Nucleus Vision is an app on the blockchain that will bring traditional, analog shopping into the modern digital age.

Nucleus Vision is attempting to bridge the gap between the online and offline world by using the Internet of Things to create a contactless identification system.

How does Nucleus Vision work?

The Nucleus Vision app allows retailers to tap into customer’s data to enable a customer focused shopping experience.

Basically, what happens is that a customer who is on the app has their preferences and shopping habits saved in their personal profile on the blockchain. When the customer enters a retailer in the network, it signals to the store that they have entered and asks permission to interact with the customer.

Wait, you say. I am barraged by ads all day long. Why would I want to open myself up to a more intrusive advertising program?

Legitimate question. The way to look at it is two fold.

As you enter a store, you are there because you have a need for a specific product or service. That’s obvious. With this system, you can have a tailor made shopping experience that can have you leaving the store satisfied that you got exactly what you came for.

If that isn’t enough incentive then the fact that you are rewarded with nCash by the retailer for enabling them to use your data. nCash is the native coin used on the app that can be used to make purchases in any retailer that uses Nucleus Vision, can be cashed out for fiat currency or even traded for other crypto currencies.

It amounts to a win win for both the retailer and consumer.

Because the app is on the blockchain, you don’t have to worry that your data is being bought or sold or that sensitive information could be up for grabs by a hacker breaching the security of a central server. Every transaction is there for anybody to see which keeps everybody honest and the system trustless.

What is the Vision Behind Nucleus Vision?

The app is currently being used for retail to show that it is viable. The possibilities, however, are almost endless.

Using the same Internet of Things technology without RFID or Wifi, could see a more secure smart home or even smart city. Transportation can be improved, especially as self driven cars become more established.

Healthcare industries can be streamlined. Imagine a person having a health issue entering the emergency room at the hospital and the app communicating the problem instantly to the nurses.

Agriculture can be improved and made more efficient which could lead to millions of people having more access to food.

The Internet of Things is already being used, so it makes sense for the blockchain to make it an even more secure and efficient system.

Nucleus Vision hopes that by being an early adopter to using IoT technology on the blockchain with their own proprietary system, they will revolutionize how people and things interact with each other.