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The Uprising has fallen

It was fun while it lasted!

As the 1st of May passes, Blizzard sticks to their promise and removes the Uprising event from Overwatch.

For those of you who happened to be on holiday from 11th of April till today a few words of introduction. Uprising was a seasonal event, in which players could for the very first time dive into the lore of Overwatch.

The world of Overwatch is beyond the shadow of a doubt one of the best-written universes in gaming. Sadly, many people don’t know anything related to it as the game does not ram it in your face by any means. For them, Overwatch is all about fun & shooting, with some lore-related flavor texts here and there. But by no means is that wrong! They bought a game, a quick, fast-paced shooter to kill the boredom during these pesky winter evenings! If they wanted to experience a deep and touching storytelling, they would have chosen Planescape: Torment (can you think of a more classical example of a top-notch narrative in a game?) right away and wouldn’t bother with Overwatch at all.

Until the Uprising, the lore was accessible only through comics, stories, and animations (the quality of which, by the way, matches Pixar movies). There was no actual way of replaying the events that have shaped the Overwatch’s world.

The Uprising scenario allowed players to replay Tracer’s first mission. In this story, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy had to defend King’s Row from swarms of attacking omnics. In a Left 4 Dead-style PvE Brawl, the players could finally take part in canon events and become heroes of the Overwatch lore.

To keep it fun, Blizzard enabled an all-hero mode allowing to use all characters. The event rewarded participants with seasonal loot boxes containing unique content, unobtainable elsewhere.

In total 114 new items were made available. Needless to say, newer players will look jealously upon veterans equipped with them. Special mention goes to Blackwatch McCree and Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy – these two skins look so well that it will be hard for Blizzard to release something better (these outfits come with Legendary quality; there are 6 other Legendary skins and 2 Epic outfits).

Blizzard stated that more lore-related events are to come, however, as of yet there are no plans to introduce a story mode into the game.

I find this quite sad.

There is so much story that needs to be told.