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New Blockchain Platform Promises New Ways to Build and Run Video Games

Chimaera is a blockchain gaming development platform, which allows for the creation of all types of multiplayer open worlds. These include a range of video game formats varying from MMOs, real-time strategy games and more. The Chimaera platform provides the infrastructure and tools that game creators need in order to build their own games, while also providing a trading platform for the trading of assets and items in-game, a multiplayer arena which facilitates betting and one on one combat (player vs player), and perhaps most importantly, blockchain technology designed specifically for gaming. This will be a gain leap forward for supply chain management using blockchain!

Chimaera’s cryptocurrency, “CHI”, works fluidly with any of the cryptocurrencies that those who use the Chimaera software wish to create, by allowing the trading of game creators’ own currency for CHI. Andrew Colosimo, Chimaera’s founder and current CEO, says of his expectations for the platform that he anticipates witnessing “spectacular innovation”, “unstoppable games” and “new ways to socialise in VR worlds”, as he believes that video game developers “are some of the most creative people in the world.”

Accordingly, there exist possibilities to construct you own VR (Virtual Reality) worlds using Chimaera’s software, allowing you to own homes, land and even cities within the VR realm. Here, the blockchain technology takes on perhaps an even greater importance. VR has been steadily growing in use, popularity and accessibility over the past few years: use of VR headsets and corresponding technology is predicted to grow by approximately 146 users between 2020 and 2025 for the video games sector alone, from 70 million users in 2020 to 216 million users in 2025. The VR industry is also expected to hold a worth of 11.6 billion US dollars by 2015. As such, the importance of establishing reliable online currencies for VR now cannot be underestimated, as it is crucial that well thought out measures, procedures and guidelines for blockchain technology within VR are already in place before the number of users expands to the levels expected to be seen in 2025.

Cryptocurrency has been very much in the spotlight since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, it has allowed for anyone to be able to invest and buy bitcoin online, this idea originated from an idea developed by Satoshi Nakamoto (an alias whose owner is still unknown), and has since then been adopted by many online gaming services and projects, as a currency within video gaming, bitcoin gambling and numerous other areas. Correspondingly, the first video game to use blockchain technology was released in July 2013. The main benefits of the blockchain are that it grants user anonymity, a lack of third party interference, very low transaction fees and the opportunity to transfer payments via use of a mobile phone if it is connected to the internet, meaning that the blockchain allows for a currency of convenience anytime and anywhere.

The new paths being forged and opportunities opening for the creation of new games, new cryptocurrencies and new experiences for both creators and audiences paint an exciting future for the possibilities of technology, its advancement and its effects.