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Rocket League Trading Guide

Trying to find the very best trading prices for Rocket League items? Don’t understand how to trade, or trying to become a highly skilled dealer? Follow this simple guide for tips and techniques.

Okay, let’s speak a bit about how exactly it works before we get into the nitty-gritty.

Trading is now a vital part of the video game “Rocket League” ever since player-to-player trading became possible. But a successful trade can only be possible when the player is equipped with the right knowledge.

Although items tend to be gained via numerous means within the game (such as unlocking them as rewards for winning competitions) a number of items are simply not that straightforward to come by. When a use for a specific item arises, a player will have a much better chance of gaining said item by trading with other gamers. However for an effective trade to be made, players should initially make an effort to enlighten themselves with the existing and specific prices of the items available within Rocket League.

A thorough list of the items plus the amount of keys that a player has to obtain them has been made available on the Steam Community forum. Understanding how much each item sets you back will make for a profitable trade and will also make certain that a player will get the very best deal for his or her item.

Getting a grasp on the current prices of items will also safeguard a player from deals which could put them at a loss, such as trading a higher priced item for a lower priced one. A sprinkle of effort put into acquiring considerable trading information will significantly help towards an effective trade.

Trading Tips

As a knowledgeable trader, I have discovered many things regarding rocket league trading. Listed below are a handful of tips to buying and selling.

Sites to Use for Trading

There are numerous trading sites that I make use of, having said that the one I find the best is Player Auctions. I regularly visit Player Auctions for rocket league trading – mostly because it’s a big brand that I trust. You see, there are hundreds of sites available to use when it comes to Rocket league trading, but it’s very important to choose a big company that is known in the community. Player Auctions have been around for ages, and they continue to be the market leader in this sector.

Overpay in Trades

Item overpay offers are generally difficult to make a decision on, they could be worthwhile, or detrimental. However, there is a smart way to determine whether or not to accept them or not. Making use of a price guide is a clear-cut way to handle this, but if you check out and the items are in high demand and selling for approximately the price as on the guide, you ought to consider it. On the other hand, if it is not in high demand, and is not selling for very much, do not accept the item overpay, as it might leave you in a problematic situation in which you are unable to sell the item. Item overpay is an excellent way to make profits, but it is also a difficult way and may require some practice and a little understanding of trading prices and item demand

Trading for Profits

A lot of traders intend to make as much profit in as little time as they possibly can. While some who really need an item would prefer to pay extra for a swift trade to get the item they are yearning for. If you are able to determine that a person wants an item, it is possible to get them to overpay for an item, and if they really are desperate for one, they will typically pay a lot more for it.

Guides for Item Prices

Many price guides are out-of-date or have incorrect prices; however the price guide that I would point you towards is the price guide by SajukX, his price guide is practically always kept up to date and has helped me a lot in buying and selling. However it is usually good to have a number of guides at hand just to make certain your prices are accurate, you can find more price guides listed here.

Fraudulent Tactics

There are numerous scam tactics and a lot of scammers in rocket league. Con artists might appear extremely pleasant and are really difficult to detect at times, nevertheless, these tactics and tips can help to prevent you from being scammed. As a victim of scamming I know, it is tough to sometimes spot them, but I have figured out how to steer clear of them.

Trading Crates for Items

This is a fairly recent scam technique. They claim they will trade you a secret decal or other items for possibly 30 or 40 crates, but you need to go first. Chances are, they will take your crates and you are scammed. Yet, not all of these are cons. If people are prepared to use a middleman that you choose then this is almost certainly a legitimate trade and is not a scam.

The Middleman Scam

Quite a few con artists will recommend middlemen which are with them and that will take your items. You should choose your middleman, people like Sajuukx, Work with middleman with heaps of credits and middleman history.

Scammer Lists

Should you ever be scammed or sense someone is a scammer it is always good to verify if the player is a scammer or post that the player is a scammer (if you have been swindled by the player). A good website to use is:

This is a brilliant list of fraudsters, and it enables you to post scammers on it too. It is always recommended that you record all your transactions to have evidence of fraudsters. However, at no time post a scammers name or profile on Steam, you can be reported for naming and shaming, so use rl-trackers scammer list for publishing fraudsters.