The Best Of British Sport Tournaments To Watch In 2021

Britain might not be one of the biggest countries in the world when it comes to size, but they still manage to hold some of the best sport tournaments in the world. Here’s a look at three of the most exciting to watch in 2021.


One of the most popular sports across Britain will always be football. For some reason, football has become a hugely important part of the culture in most towns and cities across the country. The only problem is whilst everyone will support a team, it’s highly likely that the team they support might go years without playing a team their friend supports. This is because as well as there being lots of teams, there are lots of different leagues in which teams play each other around the country. That’s why there is so much excitement when it comes to tournaments like the EFL Cup. Just like the name suggests, any team from the EFL, which includes the 92 teams which make up the Premier League, the Championship and Leagues 1 and 2, all have the possibility to play each other. You’d imagine that any team who plays in a higher league would easily beat any team they’re drawn against in the lower league, but football often isn’t that simple. That means there are a lot of interesting EFL Cup odds on websites like Unibet for many of the games throughout the tournament. As these teams may have gone years, if not decades, without playing each other, it’s very hard for the bookmakers to try and predict the outcome of these matches, so you could end up winning some big prizes from very small stakes if you bet on the underdog to win.

Super League

If you like your sport a bit more physical and aggressive than football, then the Super League will be right up your street. The tournament is regarded as one of the world’s most popular when it comes to rugby league fans. Although the seasons are much shorter and involve a lot fewer teams and games than football, they still deliver a lot of entertainment. There are some extremely fierce rivalries, with some cities like Hull even having two teams in the tournament. The nature of the rules also means that teams regularly win the match within the very last few seconds of the game. That means there’s very few predictable games where the team dominates from the first whistle and even fewer frustrating draws.

British Superbike Championships

If you prefer to see individual athletes fight it out for the win rather than teams, then the Superbike Championships might be the sport for you. Whilst this isn’t a sport that gets lots of coverage in TV sports bulletins or in the general press, this sport has created some legends over the last few years. These include Jonathan Rea, who have won the last six championships in a row, and before that, Carl Fogarty, who even went on to win the reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Of course, the action on the track is just as entertaining as their antics in the paddock, as it combines the fastest possible machines with the most skillful and often ridiculously brave driving of the rider.