The Most Popular Browser Based Games

The best way to waste time in the world is on a browser-based game. There's no waiting for downloads, normally no need to pay a penny, and often a great community to boot. Whether you were an early adopter in the late 90s, or you've never tried a browser-based game before, there is certainly a game that will fulfil all of your procrastination needs. These are the most popular of their kind.


Fans of old-school gaming will love nothing more than a few hours of Runescape. One of the original browser-based games, Runescape holds a special place in many a gamer's heart. Part of the appeal is the total lack of rules or instruction. Players are given the absolute minimum necessary instruction initially to ensure that they don't immediately die, and then they're left to their own devices. Nowadays Runescape players have plenty of options. They can play Runescape 3 on browser, they can even take advantage of mobile gaming with the newest addition to the game. Purists enjoy being able to play the 'Old School' version, complete with glitchy simple graphics and the same core of players that you got to know back in your awkward teenage phase. A blast from the past that is worth indulging in.


If bright and colorful is what you look for, then Neopets will undoubtedly already be saved to your bookmarks. This cheerful game was founded all the way back in 1999 and allowed players to nurture a cute virtual pet to greatness. The game is based around nurture, reading books with your pet to help them to learn, buying them costumes and customization to help them improve, and playing puzzle games to gain enough cash to look after your mob of pets. Nowadays neocash has been added as a shortcut option, allowing players to part with real money in exchange for a special in-game currency which can allow them to progress more quickly. Many will remember Neopets fondly for its forums, filled with roleplaying stories and adorable fan art. It's not going to be a browser game that suits the battlers of Runescape, but if you've got a soft spot for cute things then it could definitely eat up a couple of your afternoons.

Goblin's Cave

Online casino games are amongst the most popular browser games that there are. They are accessible for all skill levels, developed by enormous professional teams and you might even win some money. There's nothing not to like. Whilst the king of casino games changes all the time, the most played last year was Goblin's Cave. It achieved a staggering 2679 unique visits from January to August, putting it ahead of other big-name contenders like Starburst and Sunrise Reels. This slot machine game is fairly traditional in its layout, using spinners decorated with gold coins, bejeweled crowns, and shining rings to decide the fortune of the player. Its popularity is probably mostly down to its generous RTP of as much as 99.32%, which is only improved thanks to the no deposit bonuses on offer at many of the online casinos that offer the game. If you're a beginner when it comes to slots games then this is an easy introduction with a return to player that won't break the bank.


Those who look for a bit of purpose in their gaming might enjoy Geoguesser. A relatively new addition to the list, this game allows you to travel around the world and visit new places via high-quality images. The browser places you in a totally random location and then asks you to guess where you are by dropping a pin on the map. The only way you can work this out is by using clues in the images. Looking out for distinctive mountain ranges, lakes, or distinctive vistas will allow you to work out rural locations, whilst in urban locations street signs and buildings are your biggest clues. Once you've dropped your pin Geoguessr will let you know how accurate your guess has been on a scale of zero to five-thousand. Five thousand is anything within 150 meters of the actual location of the place, where zero is right on top. Whether you actually learn anything is open to debate, but it is great fun and super satisfying when you get one exactly right.