Top 5 Budget Headsets Under $100

5. SteelSeries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1 shares the same sleek headset design, soft fabric ear cups and rich drivers with all the higher-end Arctis models. Its removable mic and handy 3.5mm connection make it the perfect gaming companion. Not only that, but aside from the great quality of its microphone, they can be more than your gaming headset, they can be your go-to headset.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Removable microphone;
  • Subpar microphone quality.

4. Astro A10

Astro A10 was conceived to provide the highest-quality sound for the ultimate gaming experience. The in-line volume control and the unidirectional mic featuring flip-to-mute functionality provides total command of the gaming audio experience.

 Knowing just how important is a clean voice chat for an eSports tournament, its developer added to its build a durable, flexible microphone that provides clear, low noise communication
  • Comfortable
  • Flip-to-mute microphone;
  • Impressive microphone performance.
  • Durable design;    
  • No 7.1 surround sound.

3. Logitech G430

Being powered by advanced Dolby technology, these headphones position the user in the centre of an immersive 360-degree sound field with the help of its 7.1 surround sound. They allow you to hear every detail from every direction, just as the game developer intended. The source and the trajectory of an enemy shot, sirens, even your opponent’s footsteps. It's common knowledge that if you can identify the direction of a sound without seeing the actual source, you'll have better chances of winning.

Its sport-cloth ear pads reduce moisture build-up and heat to keep the ears of the one who's using them comfortable for long, intense gaming sessions. Durable and washable, they can be easily slipped off for easy cleaning. Also, the ear cups swivel up to 90 degrees and can be laid flat to protect them when they're not being used.

  • Noise-cancelling technology;
  • Super comfortable design
  • Both 3.5mm and USB jacks.
  • Poor-quality build.
  • Not suitable for watching videos or movies;

2. Sades A60

Sades A60's special design is very comfortable and cool, using a special material for the ear cups and headband that reduces sweat and heat which makes it suitable for long-time wearing. Also, its unique virtual speaker technology realizes sound reverberation that is building amazing sound effects which will make the experience of a game to seem closer to reality.

 Rather than a 3.5 mm jack, it has a USB connector that only has to be inserted in its dedicated plug. There are no drivers or software that need to in installed in order to use this headset.
  • Adjustable microphone;
  • Noise cancellation;
  • No dedicated software.

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud  Stinger is one of the best headsets available out there for the gamers that are looking for lightweight comfort and superior sound quality. Its design makes it super comfortable for both your neck and ears, weighing just 275 grams. Also, it's ear cups can rotate in a 90-degree angle for a better fit.

Looking furthermore at its design, on the exterior of the left ear cup, we can identify a non-removable microphone. This microphone has incorporated a noise cancellation feature that makes it perfect for team orientated games.

Depending on what kind of games one prefers, this headset works perfectly for both multiplayer games such as shooters or MMORPGs and solo player ones like slots and table games. In fact, their sound quality is so high, the player won't have any problem in hearing even the most silent whisper of a live casino dealer.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight;
  • Compatible with several platforms;
  • Excellent sound quality;
  • No 7.1 surrounding sound.
  • Impossible to customize the sound;