Top Tips For Gaming When You Travel

If you are a keen adventurer and have always wanted to see the world, but are concerned that you will have to leave your favorite hobbies behind while you do it, then you might believe that living a travel-based lifestyle isn’t for you.

Indeed, if you are interested in gaming, you could be forgiven for thinking that taking your set-up with you simply isn’t viable.

However, this isn’t the case. While transporting a full-sized desktop computer may not be particularly practical, you can still pack a gaming laptop. As long as you are able to fit your gaming time into a changing routine, keep your belongings safe and remain secure online, there is no reason why you can’t keep gaming while you travel.

Here are some top tips for gaming while you travel:

1. Use a laptop you can easily pack into a suitcase

One of the most difficult aspects of gaming while you travel is the challenge of carrying a hefty (and valuable) gaming computer around with you, everywhere you go.

This is an understandable concern, because gaming computers are not usually easy to transport, especially if you are traveling long distances, or feel vulnerable carrying a bulky and eye-catching computer around with you.

However, there are now a range of specialist gaming laptops - such as those available from - which are far more practical and discreet.

Although the security concerns can never be fully alleviated (you are still, after all, carrying around a valuable possession), as long as you are sensible, buy a discreet laptop bag and never leave it in an unattended location, you will stand a good chance of avoiding any unwanted attention from thieves.

2. Make use of a VPN

Another tool you should consider using if you want to continue gaming while you travel is to use a trusted VPN. By using a VPN, you make it impossible for malicious users on a public network from tracking your computer, allowing you to stay private while you browse online.

 Furthermore, using a VPN may help if you want to access web pages that are not available in your current country or region, such as particular products or services only available in your native country. It will also come in useful if you want to compete in gaming tournaments that may restrict users from certain countries.

3. Choose the right locations to stay in

Of course, your ability to play online games will also depend on where you choose to travel to. If you decide to stay in a region with poor internet infrastructure or electricity coverage, a shared room or an area particularly rife with crime, then it may not be appropriate to try and log onto a game.

To find the right locations, consider visiting countries with a strong average internet speed rating, and book a private room or building to be able to play video games with fewer disturbances.

The key takeaway

The important point to take away is that it is entirely possible to continue your gaming hobby while you travel. Although it may not be a hobby that is entirely suited to exploring new territories, you can certainly find enough time in your day to keep engaged with your favorite games.

As long as you are sensible, pack relatively lightly (i.e., by using a laptop), and take good care over your equipment’s safekeeping, there is no reason why you can’t combine traveling and gaming.