Best Casino and Betting Books in 2020

As the world of casinos keeps growing larger, more and more of us are turning to a roll of the dice for casual and professional entertainment. With the growing popularity in both the online and offline spheres, we thought it could be a good idea to look at the best books which could help both amateurs and veterans prepare for the 2020 gambling season.

From location guides to tactics and history, here are our top three choices for the most important casino and betting books at the start of the new decade.

For Developing Tacticians

There are many experts in the field of gambling, and many tactics books to choose from. 

However, out of all the great books on casinos and gambling, the first one to be mentioned has to be the timeless classic: Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp.

In this 1962 (!) guide, O. Thorp details a range of easy to understand methods and tactics that brought him the unofficial title of the father of card counting. As someone responsible for the creation of the world’s first wearable computer, which was millions of times slower than what we have today yet still extremely effective, his genius is not to be underestimated.

To this day, much of O. Thorp’s work remains as some of the most influential in the industry, and books like this make it obvious why.

For the Travellers

America is home to a lot of the world's best casinos, many of which are not found within the mainstays of Vegas or Reno. For those travellers looking for a taste of the land-based casino world themselves, we would absolutely recommend the American Casino Guide 2020 Edition from Steve Bourie.

"Reno" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Sky Island

Having run this guide for the last 28 years, Bourie is no stranger to the best spots which this great nation can provide. He also includes a range of insider tips for players of all ages to get the most out of his suggestions.

For History Buffs

Anyone who knows even a little bit about the biggest stories in online casino history has undoubtedly heard the tale of the MIT group which set card-counting records. For a more detailed look at this story, we recommend Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich.

Following the real-life tale of a group of college kids gaming the system in what would become the most successful card-counting scheme in history, this story is the stuff of legend. Popular enough to have generated a couple of major films, this more factual take is our pick for best historical gambling novel to give as a gift to your loved ones (or yourself) this holiday season.

Going Forward

As we head into a decade which is far easier to term than the two preceding it, gambling is bigger than it has ever been. With especially large and continual growth seen in online casinos, it seems very likely that this industry is only going to see even more considerable expansion in the next decade.

Whatever your interest in this world, there is always something to learn. Consider these three recommendations, and you won't be disappointed.